giovedì 5 marzo 2015

Kala-Kala floricultural project: a flower for a new life!

 Angolan youngsters from the Kala-kala Shelter Home for underprivileged children have just started a business which can give them the chance to be self-handled from now on and to have a new aim in their lives.

They are growing plants and flowers in the most respectful way for them and for the environment as part of a floricultural project enhanced by a group of italian and brazilian farmers.

All these youngsters, almost 90 guys age between 17 and 24, before arriving in Kala-Kala were sheltered in the Salesians fathers homes

for street children of Luanda where they stayed at least for two or three years under the supervision of angolan educators.

Thanks to these project they now harvest plants and flowers that are sold for very good price and delivered at home!

For info call Mr Agostinho 923839966