mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

A very hot angolan summer...

In this Country full of contraddictions it happen to live in the same day many different experiences such us watching an italian movie at the Luanda Film Festival, visiting an Expo on "car accidents", listening to some radio debates on what happened to two dissidents declared killed by the state attorney and read on the very first page of the governmental newspaper Jornal de Angola about the totally unexpected turnover in a top governmental position such as the head of the intelligence department!

So eventhough I've been doing many things in order to keep my mind busy, today, whatever I do, I can't stop seeing the face of the two angolan members of the "Movimento Revolucionário" and of the "Juventude Patriótica de Angola".   They were very active in organizing pacific rallies in town. They  are now declared murdered according to a state attorney's memorandum spread few days ago. 

Cassule and Kamulingue, those the names of these two guys disappeared almost six months ago and now declared both dead, in the picture published on the web, have a sad look and a concerned expression on their faces. 

What happened is slightly alarming most of all if the government pretend to be "democratic, peaceful and legally elected" and the more it looks alarming if you try to compare the news, two young dissidents mysteriously disappeared few months ago, now declared killed and at the same time the head of the governmental body who is in charge of controlling any "different voice", being put aside after a strong campaign held by Cassule and Kamulingue's families and friends in order to discover what is really happened to them!

On the 27 and the 29 of June 2013, first Kamulingue and then Cassule have been kidnapped, while the first one was in a rally of ex-servicemen asking for being affirmed their right to receive a 
pension and the second one went to police station to discover what happened to his friend.

Cassule, who's life is told in many web sites, was a prominent political activist who has been in prison for more than six times, always by political reasons. He left a widow and four young children.

The fact that, according to the news spread by the two movements and by some website (Club-K) other young pacific protesters are in jail, probably ten of them, just like happened to Cassula and Kamulingue, and the fact that there are no news on them, provide a bad feeling on what's going on in this country. 

So, while summer at this latitude is blooming, Angola seems to be on the brink of a large wave of strife. Actually, a huge demonstration called by UNITA, the second largest political party in Angola, is going to be held next saturday 23rd of november in town,  "to perturb" the public peace (says today the Mpla spokesperson), "against governmental repression and to express the deep outrage for the murder of Isaias Kassule and Alves Kamulingui" according to the UNITA organizers. 

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